The authorities decided to punish a poor prognosis about the price of gasoline


Eugene Arquette: Dmitry Lokaj / “Kommersant”

The Federal Antimonopoly service (FAS) will issue a warning in relation to the head of the Russian fuel Union (RTS) he Arkose for the fact that he sent a letter to the presidential administration, which has warned about rising prices for gasoline. This was stated by the head of the control TEK FAS Dmitry Makhonin, reports TASS.

“These actions are illegal, he is breaking the law these statements. We will consider in the near future [the results] of caution on this issue”, — quotes Agency the words of the official.

RTS has warned about the rising prices of petrol on Wednesday, August 22. A letter on behalf of the head of the Union he Arkose was sent to the presidential administration, in it he argued that gasoline in the near future could rise by 4.4 per ruble in that case, if fuel exports will again become more profitable than selling in the domestic market.

However, the FAS on August 23 on their own proposed solution to the problem of high gasoline prices. To prevent surges, the office suggested just to ban oil companies from exporting gasoline. The author of the proposal was made by the same head of the control TEK FAS Dmitry Makhonin.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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