The British threw the guy and lost five sizes


Beth Campbellpore:

The inhabitant of great Britain has lost five sizes after breakup with the guy. This was reported by the newspaper Daily Star.

Beth Campbell (Beth Campbell) of Kingston upon hull in the East admitted that the three years he lived with a man who was “much older”. They were not too active lifestyle and often ordered fast food at home. At some point, the 25-year-old girl so lost faith in myself that I couldn’t bring myself to go outside because of the judgmental eyes of others. Campbell realized she needed to dramatically change the lives when they saw their joint photo with her lover and was horrified.

Girl broke up with a man and started to exercise on rollers that I found on YouTube. She also refused the sweets and junk food and start eating lots of vegetables and protein-rich food. She was not easy, since her family members do not lead a healthy lifestyle and often ordered home junk food. Campbell soon found the courage to go to the gym, then visit a camp for losing weight.

In the end, the girl managed to slim down from size XXL to a size XS. She got a job as a coach and was in the hall five times a week. In the near future, Campbell wants to learn how to pull and lift 200 pounds from the deadlift.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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