The Director of a psychoneurological boarding school was jailed for burnt patients


Photo: Andrey Arkhipov / RIA Novosti

The Director of a psychoneurological boarding school in Voronezh, Sergei Nikiforov was convicted in the deaths of 23 patients, burned in a fire on 12 December 2015. On Thursday, August 23, reported the press service of the UK.

With him was tried caretaker budget companies Yuri Dahnenko. For violation of requirements of fire security, entailed on imprudence death of two and more persons (article 219 of the criminal code), they were sentenced to 2.5 and two years imprisonment respectively. To serve time condemned will be in a colony-settlement.

The consequence and court it is established that the Nikiforov and Dahnenko not installed in the attic of the boarding school automatic fire alarm system and did not provide a residential building system of notification and evacuation control of people during fire. In addition, they are not organized by the training algorithm of actions in case of fire.

As a result of their inactivity, began on 12 December 2015, a fire was later discovered by the staff of the boarding school, so patients, including supine, were not promptly evacuated.

A fire in a psychoneurological boarding school № 74 in the village Alferovo Novokhopyorsky district occurred the evening of 12 December 2015. The message about the fire entered the remote duty MOE at 23:02 GMT. The fire area made 600 square meters. Elimination of fire involved more than 270 people and about 50 units. The fire managed to be liquidated completely after four hours. One-story brick building with hardwood floors completely burned.

In the result of incident 23 people were killed, many more were injured.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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