The Russians got to the most popular Instagram of the country on Bicycle


Photo: home “bike tour: Omsk – Iceland” in “Vkontakte”

Traveller from Omsk Sergey Lebedinsky completed the route in six thousand miles on the bike and made it to Iceland for two months. This was reported on the website of the Russian “Vkontakte”.

“I’m in Iceland, on one of the most beautiful beaches of our planet. It took two months to realize this insane dream,” wrote Lebedinsky.

He started his journey on 21 June 2018, starting from Omsk. His route lay through Finland, Sweden and Norway, and during the whole trip he once took a plane from Oslo to Reykjavik.

“More than 6 thousand of kilometers, hundreds of hours spent in the saddle of a Bicycle, millions of the cyclical movements of the legs, hundreds of climbs and mountain passes. And now I’m on the island in the middle of the Atlantic ocean, stand on the shore and do not believe that it happened,” shared the source of their emotions.

Earlier in June, Iceland was recognized as the most photographed country in the world. Experts have compiled a list of places and phenomena, which are best put in the Instagram and they can bring a lot of subscribers. In particular, they noted the Northern lights, Icelandic thermal spring Blue Lagoon (Blue Lagoon) with an unusual color of the water, the glacier and the famous Jökulsárlón Black beach on the South coast of Iceland. Also in the list of most integralnih parts of the country entered an ice cave Skaftafell.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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