The US and China exchanged blows in a trade war


Photo: Brian Snyder / Reuters

The U.S. and China introduced a mutual 25-interest duties on goods with a total volume of $ 16 billion, according to Bloomberg.

The first came into force the restrictions of Washington, announced on 8 August. Among the goods the importation of which is now subject to higher duties, motors for tractors, parts for Railways, trams and trains, as well as cables. In response, the Chinese authorities stated that forced to use ‘mirror’ measures, which went into effect at noon local time (7:00 Moscow).

Beijing also filed a complaint with the world trade organization. The Ministry of Commerce explained this step desire to ensure that multilateral trade and to protect their interests.

The US and China began to impose duties on goods each other in the beginning of 2018. The initiator was the us President Donald trump, accusing Beijing of cheating and complained about too much deficit in bilateral trade balance. at the moment, the restrictions affected products totaling more than one hundred billion dollars. Later in the trading entered the war and other countries around the world.

On 22 August, trump announced trade victory over China. According to the President, the Chinese economy has slowed growth and can’t shift us out of first place in the world.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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