Zmeelov five hours fought with the deadly reptile and won


Photo: Andrew’s SNAKE Removal

Australian snake catcher five hours fought with a deadly brown snake mesh. According to the Courier-Mail, the reptile turned out to be the biggest in the career of Australian.

Expert at catching reptiles Andrew Smedley (Andrew Smedley) called on Tuesday 21 August, the residents of the city of Marburg, Queensland. They complained that the snake got into the habit in the morning bask on the rocks in their yard. The man arrived on the scene and tried to grab the reptile, but then hid in the stonework.

Smedley tried to kick the snake with a garden hose, but she did not respond to his attempts. Then fil did a little digging and got a few stones, but never found the reptile. “I was about to give up, but then he saw movement in a puddle nearby. First, I decided that it was a toad, but it had been a snake”, — he said.

The Aussie waited about an hour until the puddle dries up. He then grabbed the snake. Overall he spent on her capture five hours.

According to Smedley, the snake reached 1.8 meters and became the longest for all five years of his career, and the hunt for her is very exhausting. He released the reptile at a distance of kilometer from the place where caught to not bother the tenants, but could hunt in the usual places.

Mesh brown snake is considered one of the most poisonous snakes in the world, the poisoning of her venom causes dizziness, diarrhea, collapse or convulsions, renal failure, paralysis and cardiac arrest. 60 percent of the deaths from snake bites in Australia can be attributed to this.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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