Bloggers from around the world will travel to Siberia


Photo: a page to Follow Up Siberia! in “Vkontakte”

An international team of the second round of the cross-cultural project “Follow Up Siberia!” for four days to discover Krasnoyarsk, its inhabitants and nature. About it “” said the organizers.

From 24 to 28 August 2018 participants will attend the festival “Summer Gornolyzhnik” Fanpark “beaver Log” and made the ascent on one of the heights of the eco-Park “Stolby”. They will also meet with the Olympic Champions and ambassadors of the Universiade and with a lot of interesting team — designers, stylists, bloggers and athletes who tell about their lives and achievements.

“In Krasnoyarsk team members “Follow Up Siberia!” will get acquainted with Siberia traditional, modern and friendly. For a change in the attitudes of foreign visitors about the region can be observed in real time in their social networks”, — stated in the message.

In the qualifying round was attended by over 500 people, primarily bloggers, journalists and athletes from countries around the world. All of them are United by the dream to visit Siberia. The winning team included those whose competitive positions seemed the expert Committee most interesting. Only in Krasnoyarsk will go to ten people: Brazilian instagram-blogger Bruno Bezerra, an Internet marketer from Italy Federico Graziati, brand Ambassador of Greece Elena matić, canadian journalist Jessica Lockhart, the athlete from Panama Joshua Lynott, travel blogger from India Mridula Dwivedi, Australian videographer Nicholas Morley, the Swiss photographer Pascal of much needed and travelers from the United Kingdom Charles Pauley and Lauren cliff.

The first round of the project took place in may 2018. Then representatives from seven countries met Taimyr Norilsk and Dudinka. In October, will be the third round, the winning team will visit Chita. Anyone can take part in the digital competition “Area of Siberia in my city”, finding similarities in their city or country and remote and unexplored Siberia.

The Program “Follow Up Siberia!”, organized by the General partner of Winter Universiade-2019 company “Norilsk Nickel”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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