Denied the benefits of moderate alcohol consumption


Photo: Vladimir Astapkovich / RIA Novosti

Researchers at Washington University have disproved the notion that moderate alcohol consumption is safe for health. About it reported in a press release on EurekAlert!.

Experts analyzed data on the effects of alcohol consumption among people living in 195 countries during the period 1990 to 2016. For this study, we used information about individual and population level drinking alcohol and 592 scientific articles on risk. Thus it was possible to gather the biggest database on the impact of alcohol on health.

Researchers have shown that in 2016, three million deaths were associated with alcohol use, while 12 percent of that number are men aged 15-49 years. According to scientists, the work was revealed convincing correlations between drinking and increased risk of premature death, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. It was shown that only full refusal of alcohol minimizes the chance of diseases.

Scientists have identified the countries with the small mortality rate from alcohol. Among them were Kuwait, Iran, Palestine, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Jordan and Syria. Leaders, according the number of the deaths were the Baltic States and Eastern Europe, including Russia, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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