Disfiguring the well-known leading offender prematurely released from prison


Stefan Silvestru: Metropolitan police

The culprit, poured acid British TV presenter Katie Piper (Katie Piper), was released from prison after nine years imprisonment. About it reports The Guardian.

The customer of the crime was the ex-boyfriend of Piper, 34-year-old Daniel Lynch (Daniel Lynch), who is now in prison for her rape. Performer Stephen Sylvester (Stefan Sylvestre) doused her face with sulfuric acid in March 2008, for which he was sentenced to life imprisonment. Recently he had the opportunity to appeal the verdict.

According to reports of the competent authorities, Sylvester was released after the hearing. The competent Board came to the conclusion that the man will not be dangerous for society. Forensic psychologist said that the emerging plans for the future and improving relations with the family in the future will help him become a productive member of society.

Model and journalist Piper met with Lynch on the social network Facebook in 2008. He hid from her, what was previously convicted. In the beginning Lynch beat and raped the girl, threatening her with death. Then Piper went to rehab, but concealed from the doctors the cause of their injuries. Later, the man apologized and appointed a date with her. On the road for the TV presenter was attacked by Sylvester, dousing her with acid. Criminals caught on surveillance cameras — by the court, both received life sentences with different periods of appeal.

Now 34-year-old Piper continues to work on television, in spite of dozens of surgeries to restore the skin, and blindness in one eye.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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