Festival virgins were in jeopardy


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The authorities of the French village of Salani, the Department of the Oise, decided not to Fund the revival of the festival of virgins after a flurry of negative reviews. On it informs edition The Local.

It is believed that the inhabitants of Salans arranged the Fete de la Rosiere with 456 of the year, when the Franks rules the founder of the dynasty of the Merovingians. It was a young girl aged 14 to 20 years, which was distinguished by impeccable behavior, virtue, piety and chastity. She headed the procession of the 12 children, walking through the streets of the village.

The last time the festival was held in 1987. The President of the Fraternity of St. Medard Nuinsco Tribe Bertrand (Bertrand Tribout) proposed to revive it with 2019. The venture was supported by local authorities, who contributed to the organization of the festival of 1,800 euros (about 140 thousand).

This news caused a strong reaction in Salanti and beyond. A petition calling to cancel the Fete de la Rosiere, was signed by about 40 thousand people. The mayor of the village Deplank, Hervé (Hervé Deplanque) claims to have received many abusive emails from people who believe the festival is a reactionary and sexist. After that, he decided to abandon the financing of the ancient holiday.

Despite the criticism, the Tribe continues to struggle for the revival of the festival. He assured that he would not insist on medical virginity test in the selection of participants, and created their own petition, which was signed by 600 people.

In 2017, it was reported that the Japanese city of Nagaoka was a traditional festival Hodara, during which women in wedding outfits ride through the streets on a huge wooden phallus.

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