Germany agreed to the “dependence” from Russia


Angel Marcelito: Axel Schmidt / Reuters

The gas pipeline “Nord stream-2” will not make Germany dependent on Russia, said German Chancellor Angela Merkel, speaking to students in Tbilisi, Reuters reports.

“We can already see that this will not lead to our addiction,” she said. As she emphasized, due to the launch of “Nord stream-2” the influence of Russia in Germany will not grow dramatically.

According to her, the project has primarily economic significance, because of the need to smuggle to the West the gas from different Russian deposits. According to Merkel, in the next decade gas will replace coal, because it is more environmentally friendly fuels.

Merkel also noted that the transit of Russian gas through Ukraine must be maintained and once the new pipeline will be run. That the Ukrainian transit should continue to exist Merkel has officially stated before meeting with President of Russia Vladimir Putin on 19 August. Putin in turn said that in this case, the transit of Russian gas must meet economic requirements and be economic in all senses of the word.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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