In Russia came up with a replacement for “Snickers”


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Russian joint-stock company “Voentorg” has developed a similar chocolate bar “Snickers”. Importozameschenie chocolate will be produced under the brand of “Russian Army” will be in half less calories than the popular original. This was stated by the General Director of “Voentorg” Vladimir Pavlov, RBK reports.

The mass of the bar is only 40 grams. The cost of one chocolate bar will make 30 roubles. Pavlov claims that the bar from “Russian Army” no worse than “Snickers”.

“I tried it too, and I objectively liked it. Moreover, when our serviceman comes to vending apparatus, it is correct that there was a production of the Russian manufacturer, not American chocolate,” said Pavlov.

“Voentorg” is owned by JSC “Garrison” is the successor of “Oboronservis”, known for scandal former defense Minister of Russia Serdyukov Antoniem. The garrison is 100 percent owned by the Ministry of defense of Russia. When the bars of the army of Russia will go on General sale, Pavlov didn’t.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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