In the network leaked terabytes of secret childhood photo


Photo: Peter Nicholls / Reuters

Spyfone company that creates software to spy on people, lost terabytes of data about their victims. It is reported by The Motherboard.

Company applications are mostly used by the parents and employers who want to track the activities of their children and subordinates, respectively, in the Internet. The software allows secretly by the victim to take screenshots of screen shots with your smartphone camera. However, software developers do not encrypt the contents of their servers at Amazon, so the hackers managed to access them.

The security researchers said they were able to get thousands of selfie users, text messages, audio, contacts, location and hashed usernames and passwords.

According to experts, the published data contain several terabytes of unencrypted photos with your smartphone camera. All the folder contains data of at least 2208 current clients of the company.

The representative Spyfone Steve Josie mcbroom (McBroom Steve) said that the company was investigating the leak. He also expressed relief at the fact that the merged data was discovered by security experts, not hackers.

In may it was reported that researchers found a critical vulnerability in the security of another spyware TeenSafe, the data on clients and victims were also in the public domain.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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