Police shot and killed a passenger in his patrol car


Photo: Evgeny Pavlenko / Kommersant

Investigators opened a criminal case against 29-year-old Junior inspector-cynologist of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Karachay-Cherkess Republic on suspicion in murder of 28-year-old local resident. On Friday, August 24, reported the press service of the regional Department of insurance,

According to investigators, the Sergeant of police on the basis of personal hostile relations fired from the pistol “PM” one shot to the head of the victim. The crime was committed on the outskirts of the village Kamennomost.

The young man injured was taken to hospital but died there, without regaining consciousness.

Police officer taken into custody.

News “Region Online” calls the names of the suspect and the deceased: a police officer 29 — year-old Samat Lwow, the victim — 28-year-old Alim Kaziev. The incident occurred on the afternoon of 19 August.

According to the newspaper, the police brought to the hospital and the city man with a gunshot wound. Lwow admitted at once that the shot came from his service pistol. According to police, the day he was driving his official car and saw on the side of the road voting man. Was Alim Kaziev. Law enforcement decided to bring up the voting, they quietly talked, and then the police stopped the car and went to the toilet. When Lwow returned, according to his statement, saw that the companion found his service weapon and plays with it. The police officer says that he tried to Rob Kazieva weapons, and at this point he accidentally pulled the trigger.

Lwow, realizing what had happened, took the wheel and drove the victim to the hospital, but doctors were unable to save the young man. In the evening he died.

The relatives of the deceased Alim Kazieva told a different version: a young man was at home, suddenly behind him came Lwow, put into a car and taken away somewhere. Some time later, the family received the news of the death Kazieva. They claim that the police came to their home drunk.

The interior Ministry began its own review of the incident. If the fault of the police is proved, he will be fired, and his supervisors may invite strict disciplinary action.

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