Revealed the plan of salvation nuclear “Petrel”


Frame: the Ministry of defence of the Russian Federation

Russian cruise missile with a nuclear power plant “burevisnyk”, which may have drowned in the Barents sea, can be discovered and examined in the nuclear deep-water stations, performing their service in the Northern fleet, wrote in the pages of “Izvestia” military expert Dmitry Kornev.

“AGS can independently or with the help of a nuclear submarine-the carrier arrive at the right area to locate the sunken object, examine it and either perform operations on the preparation for the climb, or even to raise their own. According to the published in different sources of information, AGS has participated in the work on the sunken submarines and objects, and the performance of such missions does not require months of preparation” — the expert believes.

In his opinion, “apart from nuclear deep-water stations, in the Arsenal of the fleet, there are ships-the carriers of manned and unmanned underwater search tools that have a depth greater than the maximum depth of the Barents sea”. To them, the expert will take a rescue ship “Igor Belousov” project 21300 with deep-sea rescue apparatus “Bester” or the special court “Seliger” and “amber”, equipped with a desert underwater search means.

Also in the operation to detect the sunken cruise missiles can also take part of a special surveillance plane Il-976 SKIP with the logo of “Rosatom”.

Kornev concludes that the operation to rescue a cruise missile with a nuclear power plant with modern technologies can not take a long time.

In August 2018, the us television channel CNBC, citing sources familiar with the report of U.S. intelligence, said about the upcoming Russia mission to extract from the bottom of the Barents sea cruise missile with a nuclear power plant “burevisnyk”, which sank in November of 2017 during unsuccessful trials.

About such weapons first told the President of Russia Vladimir Putin in March 2018. According to him, “Petrel” is “low flying stealth cruise missile carrying a nuclear warhead with practically unlimited range, unpredictable flight path and can overcome the boundaries of interception”.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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