Shoe shop shocked customers vulgar slogan


Photo: @ChristophLyon

Professor at the University of Leeds Christopher Lyon criticized Shoe company Goodwin Smith the vulgar slogan, which was printed on the inside sold in her shop sneakers. Reported by the Daily Mail.

“If in doubt, fuck it?” — reads the inscription (“when in doubt, forget it?”). In addition, with the purchase of each pair of clients have relied condoms as a gift.

Lyon decided that such behavior “provokes men of doubtful actions,” and returned bought shoes in the store. He later told about the incident in his Twitter.

Man was supported by the users of the network. “What a vile, sexist marketing move” — outraged they are. “I’m in shock. But what about social responsibility?” wrote another wearer and put the hashtag #rapeculture (“culture of rape”).

However, for all the negative comments the representatives of the brand said that the quote applies to life in General and it has no connotations of a sexual nature.

In August, American life Bored Panda has made a selection of hidden labels and the labels affixed to clothing. “Be careful. It is you alone,” reads the patch on the inside of men’s pants near the fly. “Spencer HART hopes that this someone you will pick up,” he joked on clothing labels brand Spencer Hart.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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