The Australian made a fortune in the arms of strangers


Photo: Jessica O’neill

Australian Jessica O’neill (Jessica O’neill) spoke about the work of “professional hugger”. This writes The Sun.

A resident of Queensland began an unusual career six months ago and since then receives 1516 Australian dollars (about 75 thousand roubles) per week. Prior to that, O’neill worked as a masseur, and psychologist in his own Studio.

According to her, an hour of hugs, which stands 81 Australian dollar (about four thousand), helps the lonely and suffering from depression people to feel loved and needed. Also it was willing to undertake psychotherapeutic session with arms over 111 Australian dollars (about 5.5 thousand) and a “friendly meeting” with coffee and hugs for 152 Australian dollars (about 7.5 thousand rubles).

“I’ve always loved people and loved to cuddle. It’s part of my nature and my destiny. My mom was the same, and her hugs always made the world better,” explained O’neill. She admitted that the idea came to her when she embraced their clients in front of the psychotherapy session, and this helped them to open up and deal with the anxiety.

According to 35-year-old woman, the husband is not employed, despite the fact that most of her clients were men. During the work it a couple of times there was “an awkward situation”, but, as a rule, customers keep yourself in hand. Before the hour of cuddles she meditates with the client and asks him why he decided to handle it.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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