The United States prohibit loans to Russia because Skrobala


Julia Scriplet: Dylan Martinez / Reuters

Anti-Russian US sanctions relating to the case poisoned in British Salisbury former GRU officer Sergei Skripal, prohibit loans to Russia and the export of weapons. This is stated in the document published in the official journal of the U.S. Federal government. Official publication and the introduction of restrictive measures in force is scheduled for Monday, August 27.

The document States that needs to be terminated, any foreign assistance to Moscow according to the law of 1961, except for urgent humanitarian assistance, food and other agricultural products. In addition, will cease to issue licenses for the exports of American arms and dual-use goods. Moscow also denied “any credit, credit guarantees and other financial support” to American institutions.

Earlier, the Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs Sergey Ryabkov said that Russia may ban the entry of some American politicians within the framework of the response to the new anti-Russian sanctions imposed by Washington.

The U.S. government announced on 8 August a new wave of economic restrictions that affect the export of electronics and a number of components and technologies for the oil and gas industry. Proponents of the bill accuse Moscow of involvement in the incident with the use of chemical weapons in the British Salisbury. Russia rejects the accusations and points to a lack of evidence.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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