Three of four days he lived without food and water and saved his younger brother


Photo: Chris Wattie / Reuters

In the US, three-year-old boy climbed out of the car after the accident, which killed his mother, reached the road and attracted the attention of the police. According to the information portal ABC15 Arizona, those found in a broken car his one year old brother.

The incident occurred in the Ouachita County, Arkansas. Three years of Kyle the Holliman (Holliman Kylen) was able to get out through a hatch in the ceiling of the overturned on the side of the machine, gathered in the woods off the road. “When he scrambled outside and saw a dead mother, he tried to Wake her up,” — said the boy’s grandfather.

The child four days spent at the machine, and then went in search of people. He was found by police on the road. They searched the surrounding neighborhood and found the car in which sat his year-old brother strapped to the seat. Both children were hospitalized with severe dehydration, doctors report that they are already on the mend. Their mother was in the fourth week of pregnancy.

“This is one of the most extraordinary cases for all 11 years. It is both a miracle and a tragedy,” said County detective Nathan Greeley (Greeley Nathan).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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