Too feminine a gay man refused to shelter in Austria


Photo: Steven Saphore / Reuters

The Iraqi refused asylum in Austria, because he was considered “too feminine” for a man homosexual. About it reports The Independent.

According to the newspaper, officials said 27-year-old man that he is “like a girl”, and this behavior might not be present. It is reported that this is why the authorities did not believe his homosexuality. Other details of the incident are not specified.

Earlier in August, it was reported that Austria was not allowed enough convincing gay man. The young Afghan man was denied asylum because he was not very similar to man homosexual. Then the young man said that he repeatedly fought with other refugees, although the homosexual people don’t usually “inherent aggression”.

After the story hit the media, officials said I’m sorry about such the wording of the immigration officer. It is noted that the employee brought to disciplinary responsibility.

Austria’s policy towards refugees has become more stringent with the advent of the post of Chancellor, Sebastian Kurz, said The Independent. Earlier the politician said that to combat the flow of illegal migrants into the European Union must stop work contraband carriers in Africa. He also believes that as soon as possible to increase the number of border personnel of the EU.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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