USA revived a Second fleet for the containment of Russia


John Richardsonthe: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters

USA has revived the Second fleet of the naval forces, which aims to contain Russia in the North Atlantic. This was announced at a ceremony on Friday, August 24, the commander of operations, U.S. Navy Admiral John Richardson, RIA Novosti reported.

According to him, the military “needs to maintain a competitive advantage and dominance in the sea.” Richardson, speaking at the naval base in Norfolk (Virginia) also noted that the fleet will operate during the “resurgent Russia” as it was in the Soviet Union.

The decision to recreate the 2nd fleet was announced in early may. In a statement, the Navy stated that this was done in response to the “competition of the great powers”. The connection includes the Northern Atlantic and the US East coast.

The second fleet, the U.S. Navy has existed since 1950 and was responsible for the area of the Atlantic ocean from the North pole to the Caribbean sea. It was disbanded in 2011 under President Barack Obama.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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