American told about the escape from a fiery tornado on the burning truck


Frame: Fox 40 / YouTube

An American resident of the city of Redding, California, survived a fiery tornado by hiding under an abandoned bulldozer. It is reported by Fox 40.

Retired police officer Steve Bustillos (Steve Bustillos) said that he left home when a forest fire “Carr” approached the city. He loaded in a pick-up everything they could carry, including documents and pictures of the kids, helped neighbors and began to call his wife. At this point of Redding rose the fiery tornado.

The vortex raised in the air, the flames, the ashes and coals towered above the ground on 5.5 thousand meters and winds of up to 64 meters per second. Fire tornado brought down a radio tower and broke trees and tore roofs off houses.

Bustillos dropped the phone, jumped in the truck and hit the gas. “The more you see — the window is broken, and in the cockpit flying embers and soot — says the man. — Turn around, and behind everything in the fire”. When the wind started to pick up the moving car in the air, he decided that it is better to leave.

A former police officer jumped out of the burning truck, and got into the bulldozer, which stood by the road. He put around the bag and tried to burrow into the ground. So he waited out of his element: before he was picked up by a passing fire.

Forest fire “Carr” is raging in California on July 23. It covered an area of about 93 thousand acres and became one of the most devastating fires in state history.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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