In the “United Russia” has commented on the interception of cocaine with the logo of the party


Yevgeny Revenko Photo: Evgeny Revenko page in Facebook

Deputy Secretary of General Council of “United Russia” Yevgeny Revenko expressed Facebook about the arrest in Belgium of two tonnes of cocaine with the logo of the party.

“It’s glorious! Now and Latin American drug lords have heard of the existence of the party “United Russia” and even decided to use part of our logo to mask the next batch of cocaine from Brazil to Belgium,” wrote the Deputy.

He joked that maybe the drug dealers “just like with our tricolor bear”, so they chose it for marking. “In any case, it made my day, I had a laugh”, — concluded the MP.

On Tuesday, in the port of Ghent, the Belgian authorities intercepted a record for these places the supply of drugs — about two tons of cocaine worth 100 million euros. The substance was delivered in packages with the tiles from Brazil. The logo of the “United Russia” was visible on shots of operative shooting which was published by the Belgian media.

Currently, Belgian investigators are trying to establish the organizers of the channel of delivery.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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