Kiev urged to extend the Ukrainian language to the Far East


Photo: RIA Novosti

Freelance Advisor of the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Oleg Medvedev expressed the desire to Ukrainize the Russian Far East in Russia. He told the magazine “Ukrainian tyzhden”.

“Probably, somewhere, there is a limit beyond which this process [Ukrainization] exhausted. I would like it to be in the Green Wedge (far East — approx. “Of the”). At least in the Kuban. But it is happening in the Donbass”, — he said in an interview. According to him, substantial part of the territory of Ukraine remain Russian-speaking, as there is no potential for Ukrainization. Linguistic Russification has become irreversible, according to Medvedev.

The analyst added that the willingness of Crimea and Donbass to “soft Ukrainization” in the early 1990s was lower. “Meanwhile, for 20 years, a Ukrainian political nation, where the majority of the population speaks Ukrainian and is also great in Russian. But they all perceive themselves as a single community of people United by historical destiny,” he said. Advisor Poroshenko said that through national unity, in 2014, many residents of the Eastern regions took Pro-Ukrainian position.

On August 23 it became known that users of social networks made fun of Poroshenko over posters with slogans “the Army! Language! Faith!” to the independence Day.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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