Have not opened a new school near Irkutsk began to fall apart after a rain


Photo: “Irkutsk Today”

In the village of Youth of the city of Irkutsk newly built school did not wait for open on 1 September and has already started to crumble, according to “the Irkutsk Today.”

Local residents told the newspaper that after two days of rain the roof leaked, began to fall off fragments of ceiling plaster, tiles in the bathroom and the paint on the walls cracked, there are drips of rusty water in the premises.

Local officials have not commented on the incident.

Township school is designed for 1.5 thousand people, was built during the year. She spent more than a billion rubles.

Earlier in August in one of children’s clinics in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk on patients with the parents dropped ceiling in the hallway outside the treatment room. One girl received the injuries, the emergency rooms, no one asked. The hospital management said that the incident is due to the fact that the room is old and is in poor condition.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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