In the actions of Russia has provided a plan to get rid of the dollar


Photo: Alexey Sukhorukov/ RIA “Novosti”

Moscow has a plan for the gradual elimination of the dictatorship of the dollar in the economy and therefore actively buying gold and selling US treasuries, writes Die Welt.

The publication stresses that the Russian government is not counting on the normalization of relations with the West. American expert James Rickards suggested that the country has a strategic plan, and the gold in it — an ideal investment for protection against future sanctions.

In July, Russia has purchased the maximum amount of gold for the year. The Central Bank has acquired a 26.1 per tonne of the precious metal, as a result, the volume of gold reserves increased to 2170 tons. As reported Bloonberg, this suggests that the Central Bank relieves us assets to protect yourself from possible escalation of sanctions.

In may, Russia has managed to circumvent China to take fifth place in the world reserves of gold.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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