Kidnapped girl defaced with a swastika tattoo


Photo: Reuters

In Morocco, found a kidnapped girl from a gang of 13 people raped within a month. The body of 17-year-old girl criminals struck offensive tattoos, including a swastika. It is reported by The Sun.

The teenager was abducted near the major cities of Beni Mellal. A group of men raped and tortured the girl, burned her body with cigarettes and subjected her to verbal abuse. Criminals disfigured girl primitive tattoos in the form of signs and labels that they applied to improvised devices. On the right palm of the victim caused the sign of the swastika. Photos are available on the newspaper’s website.

Police arrested eight suspects, five others are wanted. Law enforcement authorities believe that the kidnappers could be done before, but the locals are often afraid to seek help. The motives of the cruelty of the crime have not been identified.

Human rights activist Bochra Abdu said that the victim need help of a psychologist. “This is one of the most ferocious of primitive bullying that I’ve seen,” she said.

In August of 2017 became aware of a brutal murder in the us state of Fargo. Criminals kidnapped a pregnant woman, took the child from the body of the girl or induced labor, then killed her.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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