Legend of English football was arrested for harassment


Paul Gascoinge: Scott Heppell / AP

Former England international Paul Gascoigne was arrested by the British police for assaulting a woman on the train. It is reported by The Sun.

According to the newspaper, 51-year-old Gascoigne, also known as “Gazza”, was arrested by the transport police at the station in Durham after a complaint about unacceptable behaviour. The victim said that the former midfielder “Newcastle United” and “Tottenham” molested her on the train on the way from York. The player was interrogated and then released pending further investigation.

After a career Gascoigne was often a party to the scandals. In 2016, the former football player was hospitalized after a fight in a London hotel, the year before he was found drunk in a puddle of blood in another hotel.

In 2014 Briton spent five days in the hospital after poisoning gin and was evicted from the apartment. In addition, Gascoigne drove a motorcycle into a shop window, had become involved in an accident, it was repeatedly arrested for drunk driving. In the same year he released his autobiography “Gazza. My story,” which became a bestseller and the best sports book of the year.

Among the sporting achievements of Gascoigne — two League titles in Scotland for Rangers and victory in the FA Cup in structure “Tottenham”. Midfielder has played 57 matches for England, scoring ten goals.

Stories about the harassment began to appear in the media after a series of scandals with Harvey Weinstein in Hollywood. The actress told The New York Times, the producer has decades molested them. In Russia, the scandal involving the harassment started after the statements of the journalists of three media — “the Rain” RTVI “Russian service Bi-bi-si”, accusing the Deputy of the state Duma Leonid Slutsky indecent exposure. The ethics Committee of the Parliament is not found in its actions anything illegal.

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