Rostov teenager suspected of fascism for the post in “Vkontakte”


Photo: Vladimir Song / RIA Novosti

The police of Rostov-on-don was summoned to the police for questioning 18-year-old local resident Vladislav Korneev due to its publication in “Vkontakte”. About it the young man said “Rain”.

According to the boy, the police came for him at the address of residence where Korneyev is no longer living. Then he called the man “the police”, called to the police station for a “conversation” and threatened “departure task force” in the event of a failure.

Korneyev said that the police Department asked him, whether he is a fascist, and then began to insult and threaten. “Under Stalin, you bitch, would have already arrived!”, quoting police, the teenager. He added that the security forces promised to “incite” him “whether anti-fascists, whether Nazis-colourful”.

It later emerged that the teenager was suspected of extremism after the complaints received on its publication in social networks. Korneyev said that the text he criticized the Russian government and people, but “calls and insults wasn’t there.” The young man deleted the post and as directed by the operatives of the written explanations, which stressed that the publication belonged to him, adding that “it was a free country and have the right”.

In the summer of 2018 throughout Russia, the troops began to call to the offices of citizens suspected of extremism because of the posts, reposts and likes in “Vkontakte”. It was instituted several criminal cases.

At the end of August, the Council on human rights at the President (SPCH) has proposed to amend the anti-extremist law that the Russians have ceased to be planted for statements. Human rights activists noted that last year only one person was tried for extremist actions and for the publication of the question — 460.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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