The British for the third time in a week had jets from Russian aircraft


Fighters Eurofighter Turkophone: Darren Staples / Reuters

Two British Eurofighter Typhoon fighter aircraft intercepted over Black sea the Russian An-26 and be-12. This was reported on the website of the Royal air force.

It was suggested that this occurred on Saturday, August 25. Fighter jets took off from an air base in Romania. The occasion was approaching the borders of this country military transport aircraft An-26 and anti-be-12.

The report States that military aircraft were in the air to calm the Romanians and the allies.

This is the third such incident in the last week. So, 24 Aug Eurofighter Typhoon was intercepted over the Black sea plane-amphibian be-12, and before that sent fighter jets Romanian air base to escort two Russian su-30.

On 15 August the British air force reported the interception of six su-24 in the air over the Black sea. Moscow has rejected the allegations.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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