The Pope was disappointed in the Catholic Church


Photo: Stefano Rellandini / Reuters

During a meeting with eight victims of pedophile priests in Dublin, Pope Francis said that he was disappointed by the community of the Catholic Church, which has long concealed the sexual abuse of children, writes “bi-Bi-si”.

In his speech at Dublin castle on Saturday, August 25, the Pope criticized the clergy, which should educate and protect children, but instead commits “atrocities”. “The failure of the bishops, priests, and Church leadership to respond adequately to these heinous crimes has rightly caused outrage. The incident will remain a cause of pain and shame for the entire Catholic community. And I personally share those feelings,” said the Pontiff.

He promised to “pay any price to eradicate the scourge” in the Catholic Church. At a closed meeting with victims of violence, which lasted 90 minutes, dad said that will make perpetrators of harassment to renounce dignity.

The current visit of the Pontiff to Ireland was the first in the last 39 years.

In mid-August in the United States published a report on sexual abuse of minors by Catholic priests in Pennsylvania. In the 1300-page text mentioned on at least 300 priests-pedophiles whose victims were over a thousand people. Among their crimes — not just rape, but forced abortion, the production of child porn, concealment. In response, the official Vatican announced that the Pope was on the side of the victims of rapists, and the Catholic Church condemns sexual harassment against children.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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