Device owners warned about surveillance through microphones



A group of researchers working on issues of information security, has developed a technology to spy on users through a microphone to demonstrate the vulnerability of personal devices. About the new development of specialists according to the report, published on the website of the tel Aviv University.

The researchers identified the number Synesthesia. She is eavesdropping acoustic noises that emanate from the screens of your devices. According to experts, wiretapping is possible, even through the built-in recording device (e.g. web camera).

Human hearing is not able to capture changes of such noise, however, it is possible with the help of special equipment. In the report, the scientists demonstrated the attack through a video call, when the attacker performs analysis of audible sounds. In this case, the cybercriminal can understand whether the user is viewing a web page or focus on the window of the video call.

Technology Synesthesia named after the neurological phenomenon of synesthesia. It is enclosed in the automatic response of one of the sensory systems to the irritation of the other system. This phenomenon can, for example, include nerve irritation from unpleasant sounds or empathy touches.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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