Drunk Japanese lied to the police for a ride home by car


Photo: Toru Hanai / Reuters

In Japan, a drunken man lied to police that he stole the gun, to take him by car. According to the information portal Sora News 24, he was arrested.

The incident occurred in the city of Fukuoka on the South-West of the country. Police got an anonymous call from a payphone, said that he had stolen the gun and goes to the police box. “Please shoot only at the legs,” he said.

The call went brigade of eight police, but instead armed criminals found 68-year-old drunken unemployed, who admitted that so I decided to get home: “I Have not been able to catch a taxi, and I thought that the police would take me for free if I tell them that stole the gun.” He was arrested for a false call.

Commentators praised the unusual approach of the Japanese to the problem. “I wouldn’t have come up with this idea. My soul is not enough freedom. How boring I live,” lamented one of them. Another suggested that if a man said that he was lost, he would not be arrested.

At the end of July it was reported about an American who hijacked an ambulance. He explained his actions by a reluctance to walk home in the heat of 47 degrees Celsius.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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