Failed the head of the DPR fled to Ukraine


Yuri Lecturette: Andrew Butko / Wikipedia

Former acting Minister of culture and tourism of the breakaway Donetsk national Republic (DND) Yuri Lectures were recruited by Ukrainian special services and asked them to “evacuate” themselves on Kiev-controlled territory. This is stated in the story TSN.

According to the Lectures, in 2014, he was to lead the self-proclaimed Republic after the overthrow of the head of the DND Alexander Zakharchenko. Lectures claims that a certain employee of the Main intelligence Directorate (GRU), nicknamed Ivanovitch offered him armed support in case if he would agree to head the DNR.

Prevented the ascent of Lectures from the Federal security service (FSB). According to him, “in the Kremlin for the Donbass there is a real war between the FSB and GRU.” Winning FSB — her protégé Alexander Zakharchenko, leading the Republic in 2014.

In December 2014, the Lectures have been arrested in Donetsk. According to the Prosecutor General’s office of the DNI, he together with a battalion “Vostok” took control of the car Donetsk musical drama theatre, Donetsk theatre of Opera and ballet named after Solovyanenko and Academic song and dance ensemble “Donbass” for use “for their own selfish purposes.” A few months before the arrest of Lectures intended to take part in elections of the head of DND, however, was not registered as a candidate, because you have not submitted to the CEC of the Republic of petitions.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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