Found justice on the believers of the Communists


Photo: Alexander F. Yuan / AP

The ruling China Communist party (CCP) unveiled a code of conduct for the Communists, reports The Straits Times.

According to the newspaper, party members are prohibited from expressing critical comments about PDA, “misinterpret” the history of the country, as well as to “spread political rumors and harming the unity of the party”. In addition, believing Communists require either to renounce a religion, or leave the party.

“Members of the Communist party who are followers of a particular religion, should be strengthened through education, the document says, — Those who will not change his views after the aid of the party, will have to leave”.

The regulations were published on August 26, but some of his points were already applied in practice. The document was released the Central Commission for discipline inspection in the large-scale campaign against corruption in the country and in the ranks of the CCP, which began with the coming to power of Chinese President XI Jinping in 2013. Then he called to fight corruption, striking “and the tiger and the fly”, that is, sparing neither senior nor minor officials. According to “Xinhua”, only it 142 points.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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