Japanese humanely expelled from North Korea


Photo: Damir Sagolj / Reuters

Japanese citizen was detained in North Korea for the crime, but pardoned and deported. This writes the North Korean Agency KCNA.

According to the report, Tomoyuki Sugimoto arrived in the DPRK as a tourist. However, during a visit he “had committed a crime, violate the law of the Republic, were detained and subjected to investigation.” As a result, the traveler decided “in accordance with the principles of humanism to leniently forgive and banish”.

According to Kyodo, the offender was sent to China. Currently, there he is examined by doctors and interviewed Japanese officials.

It is noted that tourist-intruder more than 30 years, he is originally from the Prefecture of Shiga. He was detained in the North Korean port city of Nampo after he began shooting video on a military facility. It is also reported that in the country he came through the Chinese travel Agency.

The Japanese government earlier appealed to the citizens to refrain from traveling to North Korea in the sanctions imposed against Pyongyang for the development of ballistic missiles and nuclear weapons.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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