The Israeli flight attendant stole donated money


Frame: LOWI/INNProduction / YouTube

Israeli police arrested the airline Israir Airlines, who stole donations from passengers destined for charitable purposes. About it reports Fox News.

The incident occurred on the plane, EN route from tel Aviv to Eilat. At the end of the flight 52-year-old flight attendant collected the envelopes with the money that the airline Israir always leaves in the seat pocket, offering its passengers the opportunity to donate any amount. However, instead of having to transfer them to airport officials, the man left the money.

He was detained after landing and searched the suitcase and apartments. There the police found a lot of envelopes, each of which lay about 2.5 thousand dollars in cash.

In may, a Chinese tourist was arrested at the airport in Bangkok for stealing money from a neighbor during the flight. A resident of Hong Kong Kwok FAI complained to the flight attendants that he had been robbed the man sitting nearby. After landing at Suvarnabhumi airport authorities caught a suspect, Xu Susana, and began an investigation. Police found he had 4 200 THB and 1,700 Hong Kong dollars and asked the thief to return money to Kwok.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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