The pilot landed the plane with broken wings


Photo: Scott Heppell / AP

The Jet2 airline pilot landed the plane at Manchester airport at full speed with broken wings. Reported by the Daily Mail.

The airliner was from the Greek island of Crete and the plan was to land in the English city of Leeds. However, circled an hour over the airport, the pilot announced that the flaps of the liner responsible for the dropping of the speed, is faulty and will have to make an emergency landing in another airport.

“We decided to send a plane to Manchester airport as a landing strip in it longer, and this contributed to a more smooth landing,” — commented the representative of Jet2.

One passenger called the aircraft commander a hero because he saved the lives of travelers. “It was a very good pilot, after landing he went to talk with each of us,” shared 42-year-old Jennifer Gilroy, flying with 13-year-old daughter.

The aircraft successfully landed, but many of the passengers fainted due to fear. “I have the feeling that the plane will never stop. He kept driving and driving,” explained Gilroy.

Earlier in may, the commander of the aircraft of the Chinese airline Sichuan Airlines successfully made an emergency landing in China after the windshield of the cab was broken and fell during the flight. Pilot Liu Cozzani said that while he tried to land the aircraft, the second pilot is sucked into the formed hole, and a part of his body dangled in the air. According to the commander, his partner got a small injury in the waist and scratches on the face.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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