Evil chef stood up for the offended dwarf


Louis Makimoto: page Luis Makepeace in Facebook

In the UK the young man refused to take to culinary school because of the small growth. According to the information portal LADBible, for his training is ready to take on the famous chef Gordon Ramsay.

Luis Makepeace (Makepeace Louis) have not taken courses for chefs in College due to the growth of 116 inches. The management of the institution said that his presence in the kitchen, “unsafe, as it will get in the way from the other students and distract them.”

Makepeace said he was upset by the decision of the College administration. 18-year-old considers it humiliating and worried that his childhood dream to become a chef put a cross. “In school I had many friends and high self esteem, my illness does not affect life. Now I don’t know how to be, I seemed to be excluded from life. I just wish I was treated like a normal person, didn’t laugh and was allowed to do their work”, — he complained.

Moreover, the teachers honestly admitted the mother of Makepeace, it makes no sense to study, as he will never allow you to work in a restaurant kitchen. But the Briton claims that a few years ago on the courses studied people with the same disease, and for it, made the kitchen the needed height. The woman was even ready to offer training from home via video link, but the College was adamant.

A spokeswoman for the College said that it is not ready to give comments, as the question of the admission of Makepeace still being resolved.

The incident reacted to the notorious “evil” chef Gordon Ramsay. In his Twitter he wrote that he was ready to take the Makepeace to the students at any time.

The young man suffers from achondroplasia, a disease in which the long bones in the human body remain underdeveloped.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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