Girl accidentally married an unknown Chinese man


Photo: Edmond So

A resident of Hong Kong have inadvertently married a man from China during your exam courses for wedding planners. This publication reports the South China Morning Post.

21-year-old girl noticed an ad looking for artists that promised a good salary and did not require work experience. When she turned at the address, persuaded her to enroll in free courses wedding planners.

During the final exam after completing the course, which was held in the Chinese city of Fuzhou, the girl had to play the role of a bridesmaid and sign with a certain man, a representation of the groom. The organizers of the courses had assured her that after the exam the marriage void. He returned to Hong Kong, she learned that this did not happen.

The girl thinks that he has become a victim of fraud, who tricked married her to a stranger. Her complaint did not interest the police, but it took the lawyers of the Federation of trade unions Hong Kong, where it is believed that suffered and other women. Most likely, some of them are not even aware that it had entered into a formal marriage.

Fraudsters might wonder residence permit in Hong Kong, which are issued to PRC citizens in that case, if their spouse live in this city.

In February it was reported about the Indian, who rode a thousand kilometers from the capital to a remote village for the wedding, but the victim of a fiasco because of the baldness. The bride refused marriage during the ceremony. The man decided, that I will not leave home without his wife and married the daughter of a poor merchant.

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