Named an unexpected benefit of frequent holidays


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Scientists at the University of Helsinki (Finland) came to the conclusion that the vacation can significantly reduce the risk of premature death. However, even a healthy lifestyle could not compensate for the stress, negatively affecting the longevity, if the person is a little resting and a lot of work. About it reported in a press release, EurekAlert!.

In long-term study, which began in 1974 and lasted 40 years, took part in 1222 men, born in 1919-1934. Volunteers influence at least one factor in the development of cardiovascular disease, such as Smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and fat, impaired glucose tolerance or obesity.

The subjects were divided into two groups — control (610 men) and experienced (612 men). Experimental group every four months, received oral and written recommendations are more likely to engage in aerobic exercises, eat healthy foods and to quit Smoking. If medical advice has not been effective, that the volunteers had received drugs to reduce blood pressure. People in the control group received usual health service, and their condition was not observed by the researchers.

It turned out that in the experimental group the risk of death from cardiovascular diseases decreased by 46% compared to the control group. However, during 15 years of observation, which lasted until 1989, people receiving medical advice, in General, die more often. Then the scientists continued the study until 2014 and took into account such factors as the volume of work, amount of sleep and vacation time.

It turned out that people in the experimental group who took three or less weeks of vacation annually, 37 percent more likely to die compared to those who rested from the work more. In the control group, the duration of leave did not affect mortality. Scientists attribute this to the fact that the intervention of researchers can increase the level of stress that had a negative impact on sleep and rest of those who worked longer and harder.

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