Russian officials have created cyberdruid to search for extremist memes



The authorities of Ekaterinburg have created cybertwin, which is engaged in search of extremist publications in social networks and writes statements to the police, writes The editors introduced the journalist to the organization, and studied it from inside.

The existence of kiberdruzhiny became known in late July, when this was announced by the head of the regional Department of youth policy of the Sverdlovsk region Olga Glatskikh. According to her, the project implementation started in the beginning of 2018, the centre for volunteering “the Power of Ural”. She did not elaborate what the volunteers involved in these nine months.

The reporters found that in a team of about 150 people. Their goal — “healthy people”. A med student and part-time curator of the project Alexander Erlakov told the publication that now the members of the organization is not engaged in the search for extremists in the Internet, and work with Teens directly.

First of cybertronian interested in sad music “suicidal” pictures and groups in “Vkontakte”. Much attention they pay to the images of violence, but also alcohol, cigarettes, weapons — all this volunteers considered extremist attributes.

According to Ermakova, members of the organization find and throw him suspicious accounts in social networks, and it automatically analyzes them and reports. The young man admitted that no method had not, he uses the knowledge gained in the course of “nursing in Pediatrics”. Received data is sent to the Executive Director of “Ural Power” Vladislav Ovchinnikov, who communicates with the police. The man did not speak with the publication.

In the summer of 2018 for all of Russia’s security forces began actively to monitor the activities of users “Vkontakte”. It was opened several criminal cases on extremism for publications, repost, pictures and likes.

The Council on human rights at the President (SPCH) has proposed to amend the penal code and stop imprisoning for posts and comments. Human rights activists pointed out that in the past year for extremism condemned 461 person, and only one of them was accused of extremist action, and the rest were tried for words.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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