The Russian budget will lose trillions because of the state-owned company


Photo: Alexey kudenko / RIA Novosti

Railways can allow up to 2025 not to pay dividends on ordinary shares, retaining only payments on the preferred securities. RBC reports, citing a draft Protocol on the results of the meeting of the presidential Commission on strategy of development of fuel and energy complex and environmental safety. The meeting with participation of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin took place on August 27 in Kemerovo.

The proposal is justified by the need for the development of railway infrastructure. Savings on the payment of dividends on ordinary shares means the Railways will be able to spend on financing of investment programs.

In addition, the decision to establish long-term tariffs for the period after 2025. As a General rule, state monopolies, they are regulated by the government and is now established on a formula “inflation minus 0.1 percent” by 2025.

Also recorded a proposal to develop a set of measures to prevent shortages of cars, including through the use of electronic platforms. Previously it was reported that Russia in 2019-2020 could face a shortage of grain due to cancellation of a quarter of the Park. According to the statistics given in February of 2018 at the meeting with the head of Russian Railways Oleg Belozerov, currently, the shortage of wagons is estimated at 300 units, in 2019 it will grow to 1.2 million cars (34,1 thousand in necessary to 35.8 thousand). By 2020, the shortage may already be 6.2 thousand cars (29.6 per thousand in necessary to 35.8 thousand).

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