The value of the shape of the navel


Photo: Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Scientists have uncovered what the shape of the navel of the personality of the person. It is reported by The Sun.

According to Berlin psychologist Gerhard Rebmann, its size is possible to determine not only the basic traits, but also life expectancy.

According to the study, holders of a protruding navel is a sociable and self-confident optimists. Such people are difficult to get along with other because of its uncompromising nature. Their average life expectancy is 72 years.

Deep round navel — the value of modesty, responsiveness and kind-hearted. Average life expectancy — 81 years. Round, shallow navel says on the merry temper of the people.

Narrow, vertically elongated navel usually belongs to the generous and modest personalities. Their life expectancy is 75 years.

Tapered horizontally from the emotional man with a complex character. Most of these people are suspicious and sometimes vengeful. The average life expectancy of 68 years.

Oval shape called a symptom of hyperactivity and high sensitivity. These people are also vulnerable and prone to survive even due to minor troubles. Their life expectancy is 65 years.

In February, plastic surgeons recommend women with a new kind of cosmetic surgery is changing the shape of the navel (embilipitya), and removal of an umbilical hernia. Amilopektina eliminates folds and deformation of the navel, which appears after the loss of serious excessive weight or pregnancy.

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