Black British is not allowed in Ukrainian restaurant



In the Ukrainian city of Sumy Briton of Somali origin and his companion is Ukrainian woman are not allowed in the restaurant. It is reported by Television news service (TSN) of the TV channel “1+1”.

“We restrict access temporarily, we restrict, in service, also refuse. As a private institution,” said young people the waiter. His words were videotaped Daria, bride black British.

Khalid Ayman is a Somali citizen and a citizen of UK. “I didn’t understand what was happening, and when she explained to me — I had a shock. But if I was white, blond and had blue eyes?”, — lamenting Khalid. He continues: “If Ukraine wants to join the EU, such things as discrimination — is unacceptable in any country in the EU. And indeed racial discrimination should not take place in any of the countries.”

They with Daria have been together for seven years together and planning to get married. Ukrainian decided to show the groom’s hometown. “He wanted to see Ukraine, wanted to relax and it was so welcoming — I was very ashamed for these people,” she says.

In the restaurant in the incident did not see anything special. “No racism, no bias, I have neither to foreigners nor to ours. We have restrictions for security reasons of our visitors. You know why. Persons of Arab nationality, so to say, was a massacre, the police were called, how they behave because of our girls,” explains the owner Lyudmila Muray.

This is not the first case of racism in Ukraine for the last time. In Lviv in June of this year, a group of young Ukrainians with symbols banned in Russia as extremist groups Misanthropic Division attacked the Gypsy camp and killed one of its residents. In may of this year nationalists from the group of C14 trashed on the Kiev market.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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