Brazil sends army to border with Venezuela


Photo: Nacho Doce / Reuters

The armed forces of Brazil will go in the border state of Roraima to ensure the safety of local residents and migrants from Venezuela. The President Michel Temer will sign the order about it reports the local edition Gauchazh.

The army will arrive at the border on Wednesday, August 29, and will remain there for two weeks. According to Brazilian laws, the government could use the troops, when the forces of law enforcement have been exhausted, according to the portal.

Since April, Brazil officially took over thousands of migrants from the neighboring state. All the refugees had vaccinations and medical examination. The majority of Venezuelans crossed the border in the area of state of Roraima, in the region there are often clashes between local residents and migrants.

Venezuela is under severe economic crisis. In 2015, the number of refugees has increased more than ten times. In 2017 the country has left nearly a million people, said RIA Novosti.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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