In the case of the victims in the CAR journalists, new details have emerged


Photo: Ekaterina Chesnokova / RIA Novosti

“Russian service Bi-bi-si” has examined the correspondence of the producer of “control Center investigations” (sdgs) with the fixer Martin, who helped Orkhan Jemal, Alexander Rastorguev and Kirill Radchenko to organize the shooting on the territory of the Central African Republic.

It is reported that Martin advised the LRC journalist “Federal news Agency” (FAN) Kirill Romanovsky, whom she had known Radchenko and Rastorguev. Romanovski introduced him as an employee of the UN mission in the Central African Republic, said “Russian service Bi-bi-si” producer Tzur, who kept up a correspondence with Martin. The representatives of the UN mission in the Central African Republic on August 1 said that they do not have a consultant with this name.

The producer got in touch with Martin on 9 July. He warned that the film crew plans to shoot the Russian mercenaries who presumably work in the CAR. He also pointed out that neither the mercenaries nor the Russian government is not aware of upcoming filming. The contactee asked the fixer to talk about the challenges that await journalists in the Central African Republic and give advice on how to behave. Martin encouraged the journalists to introduce tourists from Russia, noting that Russian journalists ‘ accreditation might come in handy. About traveling in remote areas it is advised to negotiate with the rebels.

The surviving driver said that at the checkpoint in sibyu they were stopped by soldiers of the Republican army, and advised to refrain from visiting in Bambari at night, and advised to stay in sibut. According to him, the journalists agreed, but then told him to go to the village Decoe, in another side of Bambari. Novacem claims that on the way two of them put on the head “military hats” and got guns. Bienvenu says that 21:50 their truck was stopped by armed men, he inserted a gag in her mouth and taken away, and the crew replied in the side. After talking with raised voices they heard the shots. “Novaya Gazeta” published the transcript of communication with local journalist Bienvenu noted that his testimony apart and questioned the authenticity of these materials.

Earlier on August 27, the Agency of the FAN published fragments of correspondence, which led the members of the crew with the editor SDG Andrei Konyahina and other staff of the centre before and during the trip. The author of the article Alexei Gromov drew the conclusion that SDG was negligent to the safety of journalists whilst on business. In particular, it was stated that konyahin gave them an assignment to burn the accreditation of the camera. Editor-in-chief of the LRC said that the chat was conducted only a part of communication, and the main issues were resolved over the phone.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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