Named the most endangered from alcohol nation


Photo: Tyrone Siu / Reuters

China became the country with the world’s highest death rate from alcohol abuse, reports The Global Times.

According to figures published by medical journal The Lancet, in 2016 in China for this killing 59 thousand women and 650 men.

In second place was India: 42 thousands of women’s deaths and 290 thousand men. Russia in the ranking took the third place. For 2016 43 thousand Russians died for reasons related to alcoholism. Victims of alcohol are also 180 thousand of Russian men.

Behind the United States from Russia at two positions, are there because of the alcohol die 19 thousand women and 71 thousand men.

The study highlights that alcohol is one of the main reasons for health problems among the inhabitants of the planet. According to the results, with increase in the consumption of alcohol increases the overall level of mortality, especially from cancer. However, the risk of health problems is reduced only in the complete cessation of drinking.

The alcohol culture of China is diverse, in the country drink beer and wine, and varieties of spirits Bizzy, close to vodka. As in other countries, alcohol in China is a catalyst of communication, so the Chinese drink in the company during the holidays. In addition, there is the practice of “washing” the transaction concluded alcohol.

In 2015 from alcohol died half a million Russians. Drinking causes death in 30 percent of men and 15 percent women. It was noted, however, that in recent years, the alcohol mortality rate in the country declined.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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