Putin has created close to retirement age


Photo: Alexander Kryazhev / RIA Novosti

Russian President Vladimir Putin first gave the interpretation of the concept of pre-retirement age. He said this during his address to the nation in connection with pension reform. The full text of the statement published on the Kremlin website.

“Therefore, for a transitional period, I propose to consider pre-retirement age five years before the date of retirement,” — said the head of state.

According to Putin, the period of gradual increase of the retirement age in Russia is actually to earn a new legal regime for all citizens that fall under the pension changes. So, for the dismissal of citizens approaching retirement age, employers will face punishment up to criminal prosecution. The same punishment is offered to be entered for refusal to hire citizens approaching retirement age.

Moreover, citizens are promised a medical examination at the employer’s expense. Citizens who had planned to retire in the next two years, will be given relief — they will be able to retire under the new rules, but six months earlier. Benefits for the workers of hot shops, miners, indigenous peoples of the North and other preferential categories of citizens will be saved.

In addition, will be reduced the length of service required for early retirement. In women it was 37 years and in men 42 years. Currently, the minimum length is 40 and 45 years. Anyone who was planning to retire under the old rules, leave privileges, which they expected. We are talking about tax breaks on property and land, as well as regional benefits, benefits for utilities and capital repairs, the purchase of medicines and public transport.

Putin addressed the nation in connection with the necessity of raising the retirement age. The President stressed that to delay this decision is not, however, a number of changes and exemptions to the government’s proposals to make, it is still necessary.

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