The American published a sex tape with an ex on the site with a billion plus audience


Victor Soupface: CCBI

46-year-old American Victor Cohen (Victor Cohen) was arrested for posting erotic photos and videos featuring his ex-girlfriend online. This publication reports The News&Observer.

According to the investigation, Cohen has published five photographs and five videos in a major pornographic website. Last year the audience of the portal amounted to 28.5 billion visitors. Cohen published files simultaneously, and intermittently so as not to attract attention.

The police imposes on the man a few episodes of the publication of personal images of an adult, which is a criminal offense. It is assumed that Cohen had intended to intimidate, humiliate or cause other harm to the victim.

For the first time Cohen has posted three pictures of erotic content about seven months ago. The last time his activity on pornosayte was spotted two months ago — then he posted two videos and two pictures.

In July, American politician David Martinez (David Martinez) published on the official website a picture of his wife Topless. So he responded to her statements on domestic violence.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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